About Heirloom Delights


Over the past 40 years or so we have developed a great appreciation for quality textiles such as needlepoint and Aubusson. This has grown out of, first, an interest in stitching needlepoint as a hobby, which grew into a passion for decorating with the finished product, and, second, from seeing the places of origin of many of these weaving and stitching styles. Anyone who has been to England or Europe in the winter will appreciate what textiles mean to a home, whether castle, fort, or just a humble place of abode. Nothing softens, warms and improves our surroundings like finely woven and stitched tapestries, pictures, and usable art.

Having spent the last several years cultivating relationships with European, English and other manufacturers of fine textiles for the home, we have launched this site to help share with others what we believe to be one of the most important areas of making a home and home. These items are heirloom quality, thus the name Heirloom Delights. We think that is just what you will think as you use these things to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable over the years, and then pass these items down to the next generations.

Please take your time, bookmark this site or save it to your favorites, and browse these carefully selected items to your hearts content.

If you have any urgent questions, or are uncomfortable with placing an order on the internet, please give us a call at 888-801-3084 any time.

Kindest regards,

The Heirloom Delights family